Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cara's California Visit: Girls Night Out

During the first week of my visit we decided that my sister-in-law Natalie and I would take all of my nieces up to Music Circus in Sacramento to see The Little Mermaid. Some of the little darlings were being sassy thinking they might not want to go (after all, who has ever had fun going to a musical?), but little did they know that my brother, Doug, had a very fancy surprise for them...

The girls meeting Alan, their driver for the evening. I like Ellie's clenched fists.

Life is pretty good in a limo.
Bottoms up with a little bubbly before the show.

Connected at the hip. Best friends and cousins.
After one limo ride, countless glasses of Martinelli's, a thousand giggles and laughs, and a great musical it was finally determined that everyone had a good time. 

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