Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Plans: Why make them?

As you may know, Josh and I had planned on moving to Europe this January to pursue master degrees for both of us as well as some international fun and bragging rights. Unfortunately the school we had both been accepted to had never completed the essential paperwork required for the US government to recognize them and to grant loans.. etc. etc. In short, our wonderful plans for moving abroad crumbled right in front of our eyes.

While we were disappointed not to be able to make the leap across the Atlantic, the real blow came when we realized Josh was just weeks away from graduation and without a job offer... Of course we weren't planning on sending him out on the job market this year so we had an excuse, but that surprisingly didn't make it anymore fun.

I think it is hilarious that we spent months and months planning and planning our amazing year in Europe just to have to redo the whole plan in just a couple of weeks. I will spare you any more dramatics and get to the good stuff... Josh got a great job working for Scripps Networks (Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, etc.) and I somehow tricked Huge (only the hippest agency eva) into giving me the perfect job. We will be living on the Upper East Side and trying to wake up before 9am, which will undoubtedly prove a struggle.

So while this was not the plan we had initially made together, we totally feel like this was meant to be and are so excited to see what round 2 in NYC has in store for us.