Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cara's California Visit: Hitting the Trails

This is Ashley's first appearance on our blog, but I am quite certain she will be popping up now and again as she is a wonderful and fairly interesting topic. While I was in California, Ashley had a Groupon for a trail ride she needed to use and so I got the golden ticket and her husband, Ben, missed out on the ride of his life.

Please note how terrible both horses' expressions are. 
We went up to Chaparral Ranch where we were introduced to our steeds for the day. Ashley rode Orchid while I had the pleasure of riding Sugar. I didn't take any pictures during the ride because I was so distracted with the awkward Western-style reins.

While the ride was definitely fun, my favorite part of the day was after when we went to the mall in San Jose, ate Panda Express, and I bought a pair of bright blue pants. Better luck next time, Sugar.

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